sweet old etc.... (worlddescending) wrote in iq_145,
sweet old etc....

One DVD or two?

From Billy:

Right now there are twelve episodes- Here are my thoughts- 1- putting out a DVD-SD and Blue ray with the episodes in their current format with all the behind the scenes and interviews. This could be done soon. Then - put out the second DVD -IQ-145 The Movie- with the show in more of a standard format of 100 minutes - so that's 40 minutes of new footage - this new footage will only be packaged in the DVD and not cut down for web viewing. The release of this will be in several months down the road. We are just entering Pre Production on this portion of the show- so we are waiting on cast and other things to become available- And then our hope is to go into season two with longer episodes- I would love opinions on this- would you buy both or just one? They both promise to be different. Some of the scenes in the web series may not make it into the movie version-and vice versa. At this point in time- merchandise and DVD sales is our only source of revenue to keep this show going. Putting out two DvDs is a way to get two distinct versions of the show- Not only will some scenes be deleted but others maybe altered or recut and content added. Some of the CGI work may be remastered. Let me know your thoughts.

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