sweet old etc.... (worlddescending) wrote in iq_145,
sweet old etc....

An update from Billy Dickson

Hi, all--

I just heard from Billy with some new regarding IQ-145. Here's his message:

we are still working around getting the extra footage shot around Thomas's busy schedule-We have several- KEEP YOUR FINGERS CROSSED- possible deals in the works- I will report back when things are finalized-


I know the web site-IQ-145 has been desolate for some time- I have been encouaging them to keep updating it and I am at a loss right now as to why they haven't- Maybe the fans can post some comments in the forum to get answers why the new site wasn't up yet and no new interviews!

So it sounds like there's info there that hasn't been posted. So if you feel like heading over to the website and posting to the forums to ask, Billy would appreciate it!
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