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As most of you know all ready we have been nominated for a Webby Award- Best Drama entertainment on the Internet-That’s so cool!-Many thanks to all of you who have voted for us in the Peoples choice section - we still need more votes to pull it off. So tell a friend!

It has been a labor of love this last year- From launching the site with our first episode almost a year ago to going to Comicon With Thomas Dekker to sign autographs; it has been quite the experience.

IQ-145 is a unique project- as it doesn’t come under the banner of mainstream Hollywood film production. Even though everyone involved works in the entertainment industry, we produced and financed this with out the help of any studio or television network- As the studios rehash old remakes and television is nothing much more then reality shows and newscasts with very few original dramas to boast of, we are given the opportunity with the Internet to reach out and deliver quality made programs throughout the world for you to enjoy. Over the course of this last year more ways have been developed to view Internet video on your home television sets. So there is a need for producers of great content- We want to provide that for you.

It doesn’t stop with IQ-145. We have been actively developing new shows to produce- so if IQ-145 wasn’t your cup of tea we hope we can deliver something that is. We would like to continue with IQ-145 and bring new episodes to you every week- that is still in our plan. So get out there and vote for the us in the Webbys, and if you have, send messages to all your friends and family to do so! Two of the five shows were produced by the networks and they have the resourses for getting the people out there. Let’s show them that IQ-145 is the little engine that could! Put us on the road to making more shows!

Thank you everyone who has come to this site over the last year and supported our efforts and promoted the show- we look forward to bringing you more IQ-145 in the next year!

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