sweet old etc.... (worlddescending) wrote in iq_145,
sweet old etc....

IQ returns!

Got a message from Billy Dickson! Good news for those of us who wanted more!

July 6th IQ-145 goes into production for IQ-145 the movie- which means more episodes and a full length dvd/movie.
Thomas Dekker will be back and all the cast- Brad Rowe- Lindsey McKeon, Jamie McShane, Amber Wallace, Paul Johansson and some great new faces- David Andrews will play Nates father, Lance Hendrickson will play Dryden, Marc Singer will play Towne and Reiley McClendon will be Steve Lample. We will start updating the site with new behind the scenes footage and photos so stay close!

We'll keep the site updated as we get them!

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