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Ep 10: I've Got Something You Want: Discussion Post

ep 1: Oct 11 -- Nate Palmer's on the run.
ep 2: Oct 5 -- the football game.
ep 3: Oct 8 -- Nate flirts, remarkably unsuccessfully, with who we know is an agent for a covert organization that functions outside the gov't, resulting in Beth not liking Nate at all.
ep 4: -- Nate is approached by a man in an abandoned factory (?) and told to JOIN OR ELSE.
ep 5: -- October 12: Nate is mysteriously bailed out and he and Jen hit the road, while the 145 team moves toward Palmer Preserve to try to find him.
ep 6: Oct 9: Beth tells Nate about the IC-187 chip, which is a nano-micro-co-processor. It's 'the future' and contains the "first sustained thinking brain made out of purely organic material." October 12: Palmer Preserve: Beth fetches Nate and tries to ditch Jen. No go. Turns out Jen? Is, to quote Nate, a "165" who graduated college a semester early at (I think?) the age of 16. So she breached the 145 HQ, but her skills are sufficient, which seems to piss off Beth.
ep 7: -- Oct 12: Ben Compost is at Icon Technologies to see Mr. Leonard. We then shift to M.O.M., for some banter between Beth and Nate about whether or not Beth worries about or missed Nate. Flashback: October 9, Navy Pier: Is Beth an alien? We get a discussion of the murders at the hockey games and his best friend was beat up.
ep 8: --Oct 12: Jake, Beth, Jen and Nate meet up for snacks and talk in the M.O.M. conference room. Beth still has a thing about Nate's manners judging by the looks she gives him as he eats. We find out that MIQIIN is IQ-145's parent organisation according to Nate, who only found out about this yesterday. Jake told him about his father possibly being murdered by the Townes and his project stolen, and Nate's understandably upset. Nate's dad created IQ-145, but the Townes ran it and MIQIIN - the Townes were members of IQ-145 and the only ones his father trusted. Nate suspected Congressman Dryden as he saw him having an argument with his father the night before his father died. Congressman Dryden is now dead and Jake thinks Nate will be connected to it. MIQIIN is an acronym for 'Mary Is Quite Interested In Nothing'. Meanwhile, a new character - Mr Leonard of ICON Technologies - is introduced - he says he's not interested in Ben Compost's offer to his colleague, but then has to mysteriously go out to buy an anniversary present...
ep. 9--Nothing comes easy, we're told. M.O.M. turns back from its path to Florida to Chicago

Again we're told that things aren't what they seem.

On his 'errand' Mr. Leonard calls Compost and we get that the IC-187 chip is linked to the Townes, who didn't die when Leonard thought they did. Leonard says, interestingly, that the chip 'died' with the Townes, who had a plan that Compost taunts Leonard about not knowing.

in M.O.M, Jen is busy cross-referencing. Jake confronts Nate about his gut instinct, which seems belated since they already turned back. Nate's interesting line: "Aren't I supposed to be some kind of connection to my father's work?" He tells Jake he works best on the fly, but is reminded that this isn't a football game, harkening us back to Ep. 2.

Jen reels off a series of connections between MIQIIN and the other companies that were hit by the hacker a while back, including an alligator farm that went public (who knew alligator farms could be publicly traded?)

Nate asks about the man in Florida again-- who is the Alliance Task force and information they need.

Beth announces that MOM is back online 100% and is basically blown off.

And at the end, we see that ICON is connected to MIQIIN.

And everything is linked together. Sam is five minutes away.

Who's Sam? Clearly everyone of importance is coming together in Chicago. Only two episodes left!

Let's discuss!
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